Resolutions, Schmecholutions!

New Year's Resolutions.

Everyone makes them, everyone. But do they ever put in the REAL energy to make them happen? Ya most for a few weeks, even a few months. But most resolutions are nothing more than a lifestyle change. Lose 15 pounds, stop drinking soda, cut back on stopping for coffee, you get what I mean.

If you want to make a real resolution, nothing will change without a plan. A goal without a plan, is just a dream! A quote I keep in my notes because it rings so true is something Doug Baldwin said in an interview before the playoff game against Carolina... "If you don't have direction, your passion is chaos." Why I was watching football I have no idea, but it's so true! I'm gonna do this, and this and this. The sound of the words is great but they mean absolutely nothing without the follow through. And sometimes those 'I'm going to-s' are so huge, knowing where to start becomes impossible. And then all the sudden there you are, resolution loser.

You've all cooked or baked. Probably started with a simple "I'm going to make a cake!" Well everyone knows, a cake doesn't just magically appear. YOU HAVE TO PLAN FOR IT! You might read a recipe, you'll probably make a list of ingredients, go to the store, get your supplies ready, and finally bake the cake and hope you do it right. Resolutions are no different! You can have the cutest list of goals, but without a plan you have nothing.

After years of writing goals for student learning, I know goals need to be s.m.a.r.t., specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. That's all fine and dandy, we all can write great goals. BUT something I have learned is goals/plans also need to be purposeful. If something you are doing serves no purpose to you or others- then why are you doing it! You HAVE GOT to be intentional, especially in pursuit of a new resolution. Those people that we all hate because they can 'just stop' eating sugar, or stay in shape years after they started working out- they get it! They do things with PURPOSE! With PASSION! With INTENT!

I'm not saying don't go out and set great resolutions for the New Year, I'm saying, MAKE THEM HAPPEN! Set the goal, make the plan to accomplish it, AND KNOW YOUR WHY! We are all capable of making cool shit happen, we all can follow a plan. Some better than others, some say it's willpower. It's not, it's passion! You tie passion to your goals and nothing can stop you.

Every year since I started teaching Leadership, I pick a word for the year. 2015-Passion 2016-Purpose 2017-Be Intentional 2018-Service. This year I haven't found my word yet, but it will come. When I think about what is my why for this year, several thoughts come to mind. But I keep coming back to GROUNDED. My life tends to cycle and in all the hub-bub and busyness this year has in store, staying grounded might be my focus. I can always go do amazing things, but I need to keep myself, my family, farm and tribe in the forefront.

I would LOVE to hear everyone's word for the year, and your why. Share in the comments. Have a great 2019 everyone!

Much love from my farm to yours,


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